Signs of Spring on the Gunflint Trail

     It is official now; Spring is here.  Mike went into town yesterday and along the way he spotted a black bear in the ditch.  If the bears say spring is here then it must be true.  We haven’t seen our first robin yet but all signs on the Gunflint Trail are pointing to spring. 

<%image(20070327-loonsm.jpg|200|133|Spring on the Gunflint Trail)%>

    The animals on the Gunflint Trail are becoming more and more active as the days get longer and longer.  The grouse have been out and about looking for a mate, eagles have been seen flying overhead, and the white throated sparrow has been singing in the mornings.  Nighttime has brought the unmistakable sound of the saw-whet owl.  The pussy willows are popping, the sun is shining and the moose are out and about.

     Soon the loons will return with many other winged wonders and then we will know summer isn’t far behind.