Show me the Snow

     I’ve been waiting all day long to blog so I could report on all of the snow we received but I can’t wait any longer.  A dusting, that’s it, just a little dusting of the white stuff and that’s all.  What a bummer.  The sky is blue and there’s not a cloud in the sky so I don’t think we’ll be getting some any time soon.  Talk about disappointing…

     The good news is there is plenty of snow to play in.  The cross-country ski trails are in fantastic shape and the lakes are perfect for snowmobile travel.  Believe me, I would know.  Over the weekend we went on a ride, somewhere around a 400 mile ride that is.  I’ll tell you all about it in another blog, but trust me when I say the going is good on the trails.

     I was afraid to look at the forecast for fear of further disappointment but I thought I owed it to all of you.  There’s about a 20 percent chance of snow over these next few days so I’ll keep my fingers crossed.