Second Year Crew

     Chelsea Lueck and Tessa Olson both joined the Voyageur Crew last year. Chelsea arrived before the season and stayed through the winter and Tessa was just here for the summer last year and again this year. 

     Tessa is from Montgomery, Minnesota and attends college at the University of Minnesota Duluth.  We love to have her here because she is a fun and bubbly gal.  She can always make us laugh whether or not she tries to and she always has a smile on her face.  She does a great job in the store, outfitting and in the kitchen; she’s even learning how to drive the boat.  She loves camping and likes to fish when she’s out in the BWCA.  She prefers sleeping in a hammock and wearing her Chacos while canoe camping in the wilderness. We’re hoping to have Tessa here for many summers to come.

     Chelsea comes from Danube, Minnesota but has worked at other resorts prior to Voyageur.  She’s an incredible asset to Voyageur as she has a marketing degree and knows her way around the computer better than me.  She keeps the office organized and does an awesome job with reservations and anything else she takes care of.  She likes to camp and when she’s out there she likes to wear her chacos, pick berries and sleep in her hammock. We hope to have Chelsea here year round possibly forever if not longer.