Save the Earth and Save Money

     Convenience rules products these days.  Coffee singles, sugar packets, mops like the Swiffer and single use cleaning wipes are not only expensive but also might be bad for the environment.  Your kitchen counters may be cleaner but your wastebasket will be fuller and your pocket book emptier.  The days of cloth diapers, handkerchiefs and cleaning rags are quickly disappearing and unless we put the brakes on them then they may become extinct.  We can all make a difference with the choices we make; why not make a decision that’s good for the earth and your wallet? The following is from

Can a bundle of rags save you a bundle?

The Bite
Yep. Next time your kitchen counter’s wet, reach for a cloth instead of a paper towel. You’ll save a lotta paper – including the small, green kind that fits in your wallet.

The Benefits

Rolling in the dough. Or at least a little of it: If your household uses a roll of paper towels per week, you could save more than $100 per year by switching to dishcloths and tea towels.

  • Less mess. Americans send 3,000 tons of paper towels to landfills each day.
  • Safer sopping up. To make paper towels white, many producers use chlorine bleaching, which releases cancer-causing toxins into the environment.
  • More substance. Cotton tea towels are thicker and can hold more H20 than paper quicker picker-uppers.