Saganaga Lake Winter Scenes

     There aren’t too many days in the winter when you can catch fog over the snow on a frozen lake. When it does happen it is quite the scene.  This was the case last week when we were departing for our snowmobile trip. 

     These photos were all taken from the Minnesota side of Saganaga in the corridor.  That’s the only place snowmobiles are allowed to travel on the Minnesota side since it is in the Boundary Waters. It’s the straight shot up to the old Canadian Customs station. Once you are in Canada you can travel anywhere as long as you don’t cross the border into the Quetico Park.

     From Saganaga Lake we took old logging roads down to Gunflint Lake. The trail was in great shape as was the lake with plenty of snow to play on.  It was a quick 18-20 mile ride from our place to Gunflint Pines where we picked up another rider for the trip. From there we continued down the Gunflint Trail system to Devil’s Track Lake where we met two other members of our snowmobile group.

     More to come tomorrow…

 BWCA Saganaga Lake

Saganaga BWCA Lake

BWCA winter lake

Saganaga Lake