Saganaga Lake Staycation

     Ever wish you had your own place in the woods beneath the pines?  An island hideaway on a wilderness lake where you could escape from the real world?  Your wish can come true at Red Pine Island on the Canadian side of Saganaga Lake. 


     No electricity, no cell phone service and nothing to distract you from the peace and quiet surrounding you.  Life made simpler in a place that takes you back in time.  Gas lights, wood stove and gas appliances along with the old time outhouse await you.


     A vacation at Red Pine Island isn’t for everyone.  This place is reserved for those unique individuals who are ready for a real experience.  Where whims are not catered to and the list of amenities includes lake, beautiful sunsets, fresh air, star-studded sky and fishing nearby.  Is Red Pine Island for you?  Call us to find out- 1-888-CANOEIT.


Big Timber has two bedrooms and will sleep up to 8 people while the Point Cabin has one bedroom and sleeps up to 6 people.

Big Timber



Pine Point