S’mores Again

     It just didn’t sound right when I was telling an outfitted group they could roast their marshmallows over their cook stove in order to make their S’mores.  There’s just something about a toasted marshmallow over a glowing campfire that makes it taste so much better.  Thankfully enough rain has fallen, the fire ban has been lifted and campers can have their S’mores again.

     The amount of precipitation received on the Gunflint Trail on Thursday night varied from 3.5 inches in some places to unconfirmed reports of 8 inches and even as high as 11 inches.  The lake levels rose overnight, the ditches filled with water and everything got a good soaking.  The USFS decided to lift the fire ban because of the precipitation and the forecast for cooler weather.  The days are getting shorter so there is less time for the forest to dry up and there is a chance of precipitation this coming week.  All of these factors enter in to the decision to lift the fire ban.

     What was good for mother earth and the canoe country wasn’t so good for some of our guests.  Campers left the woods in droves yesterday in a hurry to escape the wet weather.  Many groups paddled in early for fear of another wet day or night in the wilderness.  Yesterday turned out to be a beautiful day without a sprinkle of rain.  I would have been disappointed to have left early only to have had another great day of paddling.  I always say it isn’t a good sampling of a wilderness trip if all you get is nice weather, a little bit of rain makes one appreciate the sun all the more.

     It sounds like the weekend will have more sunshine to share with us.  If it’s a nice night out then I might just have to celebrate the rain, have a campfire and make myself some S’mores.  If you’re in the neighborhood then be sure to stop in.