We’ve had more than our fair share of rain lately with .33 of an inch since midnight.  It rained off and on all day yesterday and the water level is rising.  It’s nice to see the water come up since normally it would be going down this time of the year.  With the dry spring our water levels couldn’t afford to have gotten much lower than what they were.  We’ll take the rain over parched land any day.

     The temperature dipped down to 44 degrees last night and there wasn’t a hint of a breeze in the air this morning.  A thick fog rested on the surface of the water and hung in the dew filled trees.  It’s mornings like these I wish I was out camping to photograph the cobwebs glistening in the sunshine and the fog lifting from the lake.

      Everything is lush and green with foliage filling in every patch of dirt.  The weeds are taking over the flower beds and sprouting up everywhere else as well.  The weed whip is expecting to be paid overtime when or if it ever dries out. 

     More rain is in the forecast for the remainder of the weekend.  The sky doesn’t look like it will produce rain today but we shall see.  After the weekend the forecast says we’ll see temperatures in the high 70’s.  That will bring the water temperatures back up and make the swimming a little less refreshing.