Rainbow Trout

Our friends on the Trail have been having fun catching Rainbow Trout this past week.  There are a few lakes along the Gunflint Trail where these Trout have been stocked and are doing well.  Bonnie Schudy who used to work for us caught a 28" Rainbow on an artificial lure.  Another friend caught one using a wiggler.  I had never heard or seen a wiggler before so I asked to see one.  I guess it is a may fly before it actually flies.  It looks pretty delicate as it swims around in a container and I can’t imagine being able to catch a fish with it.  I guess you need to use a pretty small hook when using them as bait.  The Rainbow Trout have been found in pretty shallow water and sound like fun to catch.  Hopefully I’ll have the opportunity to try my luck at catching one of these beauties through the ice soon.