This past weekend was the Cathedral High School Cross Country Running Team’s Annual Trek up to Voyageur.  This is the 11th year they have travelled up to our place on a Friday evening and departed on Sunday morning so they could have a few days of team building fun.

     The girls had a great time at the end of the Gunflint Trail.  They spent Saturday paddling, running the hilly roads and eating.  All of the girls are responsible for different tasks throughout the weekend such as cutting fruit, making pancakes, cleaning up and so on and so forth.  A few parents came along and had a good time as well. 

     This morning it is super quiet.  Not that I am comparing it to having 60 plus teenage girls running around or 5 grade schoolers swerving this way and that, but it is quiet as quiet can be.  The sound of the loon calling or an occasional motor boat passing by breaks the silence momentarily but then it’s back to almost no sounds. 

     Our canoe guests are out on the water already and the kids are in school.  I’m savoring the silence before I start making my own noise again.  I hope you all get a moments silent on this Monday morning and have a great week.