Quick Before It Freezes

      This is the time of the year that some resorters and outfitters close up for the winter.  Even if the resorts stay open year around there are some Fall tasks and projects that need to get done before it gets too cold or snows.  In a sense this time of year is more difficult than Spring or Summer because it’s after the long season.

     In the Spring the days are getting longer, the sun is stronger and we are energized for the season to arrive.  In the Summer we’re so busy working from sun up until sun down we don’t have time to think about what needs to be done we just do it.  In the Fall we know there are things to get done, the days are getting shorter and we’re too tired and unmotivated to accomplish much.

     Yet there are those things that must be done whether we like it or not.  The water pipes for the entire resort must be drained before the first freeze.  This involves a complex system of pipes on both sides of the river.  Hot water heaters are emptied, drains are opened up and hopefully nothing is missed or we’ll be greeted with a leak in the spring.  The hoses all over the resort must be drained and put away along with the power washer and other items that may be harmed if frozen.  Then there are the many boats and motors to get out of the water and ready to be stored for the winter.  Along with our own boats we store cabin owner boats as well so this is a bigger project than it may sound.  The outfitting building must be closed up for winter and this involves emptying refrigerators, freezers and shelves of all food.  An attempt is always made to do inventory but Mike usually ends up having to dig through things in the middle of winter to check what’s all there.   Of course there’s the general clean up of the yard so we don’t ruin a canoe with the plow truck or have a much needed tool buried beneath 3 feet of snow.  The list is long and goes on and on.

     If I had a magic wand then I would wave it but it doesn’t quite work that way.  Maybe the offer of food and lodging would lure some friends our way?  Saturday would be a good day to gather at the end of the Trail.  Maybe a nice meal and time to spend with friends would motivate us to get our Fall work done?  We’ll never know if we don’t try so give us a call or drop us an email quickly so we can get to it before it freezes.