Quack, Quack

     That’s the sound of a duck on our river.   We heard it on Sunday and again on Monday.   I’m not real sure where it is since there is only a small circle of open water in front of our dock and we haven’t been able to see it.  It’s a sign spring is here and summer is on its way.

     The Seagull Creek is ice free and flowing towards Seagull Lake.  I’m sure it can be paddled with the high water now.   We spotted two Canadian Honkers in the creek just the other day.  Mike also saw our pair of bald eagles soaring overhead.  Most likely on their way to their home in the Trail’s End Campground.  Their nest was spared during the Ham Lake Fire and I’m sure they will fill it with an egg if they haven’t already.

     The gurgling of water moving as the snow melts can be heard throughout the woods.  It rushes as though it is in a hurry to get to the lake or river it will fill.  The pussy willows have once again transformed and their beautiful fuzzy buds can now be seen.  Soon we will hear the drumming of the grouse and the call of the loon and then we will know, summer is almost here.