Professional Paddlesports

     Those of you who read the blog know Mike has been the acting President of the Professional Paddlesport Association for the past few years.  The New Year has brought on changes for everyone including Mike who is no longer the President of PPA, but is now the President of the Paddlesports Industry Association.   The Association has decided to change it’s name to more accurately reflect what it is they do and what they want to accomplish.

From Executive Director Matt Menashes– Our name change is the initial step in creating a strong, industry-wide association. Our new name was chosen to highlight our commitment to bringing outfitters, retailers, and manufacturers together — uniting our industry. "Paddlesports" is obvious — reflecting the fact that we are united by our love of paddling in all its forms. "Industry" reflects our commitment to being productive, industrious businesses. And "Association" reflects our view that by working together we bring common purpose, friendship, and collaboration to the growth of our sport and our businesses.

     Everyone in the paddlesport industry is excited about the new name and the new goals of the association.

  • Goal 1 Increase Paddlesports Participation by Marketing Paddlesports Effectively
  • Goal 2 Promote Smart Paddling by Providing Education Materials to Consumers and Risk Management Materials to Member Businesses
  • Goal 3 Enhance Business Education by Providing Learning Opportunities for Industry Professionals

New name and new goals for a happy and productive New Year in the Paddlesport Industry!