Pretty please polar vortex…

I hear there is a polar vortex that might push some cold weather our way. My fingers are crossed the cold temperatures will be pushed over the Apostles Islands so the lake will freeze solidly enough for people to visit the ice caves. By people I specifically mean, me!

I missed an opportunity to visit the ice caves one year. I was in the parking lot, ready to make the voyage but the temperature was super cold and of course there was a wind chill. The person I was with wasn’t as excited as I was to venture out onto the ice so we didn’t. That will not happen again!

There was ice in that area earlier this year but wind and waves destroyed it. Now it’s open water again. In fact, checking out their Facebook Page I see some people actually kayaked to the ice caves recently! The post does describe how dangerous it is to kayak near the ice caves in the winter and says the kayakers are experts.

In any case… I’m keeping my hopes up the polar vortex puts the area in a deep freeze long enough for the lake to freeze and me to visit!

Kayaking the Apostle Islands


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