Prediction of Snow Day Becomes Reality

     I wonder why I didn’t just follow my gut instinct and keep hitting the snooze button?  Instead, I woke up, rolled out of bed, got both children up and into the shower only to answer the phone at 5:49am to an automated phone call from the school.  "Due to the winter storm warning there will be no school for ISD 166 today." 

     While I was disappointed both of my children gladly hopped out of the shower and back into bed.  Oh, to be a kid again.  I’m tired, it’s still dark outside and I suppose I could go back to bed.  But the washing machine just beeped to tell me my first load of laundry is washed and needs to be put into the dryer. And there’s also the fact I will need to get work in sometime today and with the kids at home it isn’t going to be when they are awake. So, I may as well just stay up and take advantage of the short amount of time I have before Josh is up out of bed again.

     Work can always wait another day.  Snow days with kids at home? Soon they will become a distant memory so I may as well make it a good one!

Gunflint Trail snow day