Portaging the Twin Cities

     Folks in the Twin Cities should be on the lookout for a person portaging a Wenonah Canoe.  The Farmer’s Market, a Twins game and Como Park are a few of the places you may encounter the canoeist promoting the Send a Friend Packing contest. 

BWCA Canoe Trip

     The Gunflint Trail Association is giving away a 2-night 3 day canoe trip and you could be the winner if your friend decides to send you packing.  Visit the Gunflint Trail website and explain why your friend deserves to be sent packing and they could win a free Boundary Waters Canoe trip. 

     While you’re there make sure you enter yourself in the Get Yourself a Get Away contest and you could win a 2-night stay on the Gunflint Trail. 

Boundary Waters and Gunflint Trail Vacations