Please Stop Collaring Moose Calves

A friend and cabin owner at the end of the Gunflint Trail is fed up with the collaring of moose calves. I too am not in favor of the DNR collaring calves and she has started a petition on  To sign the petition you just need to visit the website and click the link. PLEASE help Save moose calves and sign the petition.

Here’s what the letter says…

Stop the DNR study which collars newborn moose calves. Staggering mortality of calves associated with abandonment by moms after researcher contact

We all love our Minnesota moose population.  They are a treasure to our state and a wonder to behold.  The Minnesota moose population has significantly decreased over the past 10 years and I agree that research plays a critical role in trying to identify causal factors for these numbers.  However this current research project by the Minnesota DNR under the lead of Glenn DelGiudice appears to be contributing to the demise of moose numbers. Collaring newborn moose calves resulted in 19 out of 25 calves being abandoned by their mothers or requiring rescue according to the Duluth News Tribune.  According to DelGiudice, no previous research had ever noted the high level of abandonment and he is using the sour results as a teaching moment.  “We were the first ones to do this, ever, anywhere and we knew there were going to be issues…..we just didn’t expect them to be like this”  according to DelGuidice.  The 2013 study results were dismal, but the 2014 numbers were even less successful with much higher calf mortality / abandonment noted. They have received funding to continue the newborn calf collaring starting in May and want to increase their sample size which I believe constitutes a larger number of dead calves.   Below I included a link to the Duluth News Tribune article by John Myers from 2/23

Check out this article

I would like to think that the DNR should be part of the solution and NOT part of the problem with respect to our Minnesota moose population.  Interfering with newborn wildlife has NEVER been a successful endeavor and it appears that it still holds true.  Keep the research to the Adults and give the moose babies a fighting chance.

If you agree with this forum then please sign the petition and share with others.

Petitioning Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

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