Paddling Plans

     Are you dreaming of warmer days and open water for paddling?  I’m not quite ready for that yet but it’s never too early to plan your next wilderness canoe camping trip.  We’re keeping busy answering emails and phone calls from eager paddlers who know when and where they want to go on their canoe trip this summer. 

     There are so many lakes and routes to choose from in both the Quetico Park and Boundary Waters Canoe Area.  It’s fun to gaze at wilderness maps and plan route after route while thinking about the campsites and fishing opportunities that await you there.  How far can we get in one day?  I wonder what type of fish are in that lake?  Questions abound and that’s where we at Voyageur Canoe Outfitters come in.

     We can’t give you exact totals on how long a particular trip will take but we can give you the best estimates.  We can also tell you about what fish are found in what lakes and about our favorite routes, lakes and campsites.  We are here to help you plan your next wilderness canoe trip and we’re just a phone call away, 1-888-CANOEIT. 

     Whenever you are ready, we’re here and ready to help!