Paddling Permits

     Today is the day, the day for reserving permits anyway.  We’ve actually been reserving permits for quite some time for the Boundary Waters via fax and internet.  For the Quetico Park we’ve been able to reserve permits for May and June and now we can reserve July permits, 5 months in advance of the start date of the trip.  February 1st is also the day we can start using the telephone for Boundary Waters permits.

Phone reservations will be accepted beginning February 1, 2008. A $12 non-refundable reservation fee is required for each permit. If reserving an overnight permit, a $32 deposit will be collected regardless of group size. Example: A total of $44 will be collected for an overnight reservation or $12 for a day use motor. When making a telephone reservation, you will be asked for the following information:
o Entry point
o Arrival date
o Estimated exit date
o Trip Leader’s name, address, postal code and telephone number
o Estimated number of people and watercraft
o Permit issuing station
o Method of payment (i.e. credit card number and expiry date)

     We can reserve your BWCA Permit for you if you would like, just give us a call at Voyageur, 1-888-CANOEIT.  If you are unsure of what entry point you would like then you can call to discuss your route or check out our trip route finder.  It will give you suggested trips as well as maps of the route it recommends.  IF you would rather call and reserve your own permit then call 1-877-550-6777.

     We will also reserve your Quetico Park permits for your trip.  You will need a credit card for the $112.00 reservation fee.  The $12.00 is for reserving the permit and the $100.00 is applied to your overnight camping fees.  You can reserve your own permits by calling 1-668-7275.

     Make plans now and reserve your paddling permits today.