Pack it in, Pack it out

The actions of people never cease to amaze me. Over the years we’ve heard and seen quite a few strange, crazy and sometimes unbelievable things. One of these crazy things happened on August 21st at the Saganaga Public Landing on Sag Lake Trail.

We spend quite a bit of time at the public landing. We take care of the outhouses, check parking permits, get our mail, pick up homeowner boats and drive by the landing numerous times each day.  One of our crew saw a group of 6 men with a beat up aluminum canoe on top of their car. Later in the day that same canoe was found at the landing, dumped into the weeds with all identifying marks removed. The serial tag was scratched out and registration numbers removed.

We don’t know who the people were, if it was a rented canoe or personal canoe or what happened to the canoe. We don’t know why they wouldn’t take the canoe home and at least scrap out the aluminum. All we know is they made sure the canoe couldn’t be tracked back to them.

If you hear or saw anything like this around that time then I’d be interested in hearing about it. Or if you know of anyone missing an aluminum canoe then let me know that too. And remember, if you pack it in, pack it out. You wouldn’t think you’d have to remind someone to take their canoe home, but sometimes you just never know.

Saganaga Landing Gunflint Trail
Damaged Canoe


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