Outfitting Resident

     This winter we have a guest living in our outfitting building.  The building isn’t insulated, there’s no heat or running water but it doesn’t seem to matter.  I’m not sure when our guest arrived but I’m hoping he/she will depart soon.

     The other day I went up into the outfitting building and was perplexed by what I saw.  The clean towels that are normally neatly stacked on the shelf were toppled over onto the floor.  I looked on the shelves and saw bits of garbage strewn about.  On the floor I noticed a few piles of you know what and it was as big as our dog Rugby’s!

     We’re unsure what this outfitting resident looks like.  There’s a neighborhood fox around as well as a pine marten that’s been hanging out.  Rugby and I went to take a look in the building the other morning and heard something up in the ceiling growling at us.  Rugby started barking and then there was a scuffle and some noise in a corner but when I got there I didn’t see a thing. 

     The guest is a mystery that needs to be solved.  We really don’t want any type of animal living up there and we’ll need to figure out a way to persuade the guest to leave on it’s own free will or else…