I apologize for not being very upbeat in my last entry.  I have to admit I am extremely tired. Tomorrow Mike and I will attempt to sleep in and then head into town to see the kids.  It sounds like we may be able to bring them back up to the Gunflint Pines tomorrow, so that will be terrific.  We’ll most likely remain in the cabin but at least we’ll all be together.

     The Type I Team is optimistic about the Ham Lake Fire.  There are more black lines on the map and most of the red ones will hopefully turn black in the next couple of days.  They are still hoping for a containment date of the 20th for the U.S.  They are sending crews in to help on the Canadian side of Saganaga tomorrow.  They will work along with the Canadians to contain the perimeter of the fire. 

     The USFS is holding a meeting on Thursday to talk about the closed entry points into the BWCA.  We’re hoping that with the fire under control they will re-open some of the entry points on the Gunflint Trail very soon. 

     We are also optimistic they will open the entire Gunflint Trail up so we can go home.  We do not have phone lines and estimates for telephone service are at 4 weeks right now.  We’ll need to come up with an alternate plan or keep Marilyn in town because even though we use the computer an awful lot, it would be difficult to run a business without the phone.

     I just want to say thanks again to everyone.  The Community of Grand Marais has been taking great care of the evacuees and the firefighters.  The support from friends, family, neighbors and people we haven’t even met has been wonderful.  We are grateful to everyone who has helped us and the many displaced people in our area.  Thank you.