Opposed to Ruining Nature

“It’s just a few trees, not like there aren’t hundreds of other ones out there.” The trees that are no longer there have left behind an empty scar on the hillside. You can see this scar from Grand Marais.

In the hills above the Gunflint Trail as you’re heading out of town the once tree covered hillside has been excavated.  It surprises me how some things just magically happen without a word of opposition and other things bring public outcry.  The Gunflint Trail is a National Scenic Byway and it now has an ugly wart on it.  The wart has something to do with the zipline that is being built on our once unblemished hillside.  It’s either the driveway or parking or who knows what but it required extensive blasting and big earth moving machinery. I hope the zipline construction is worth it.

If I were building a zipline in Cook County it would have been at the Lutsen Ski Hill.  A place with already excavated hillsides and lifts to bring people to the first zip. There’s already an Alpine Slide there, plenty of parking and lots of elevation.

Oh well, it’s just a few trees and there are plenty more in Cook County.   If you don’t like it then don’t look at it.

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