Open Wide

     Jim and Jean Amstadt had a great time canoeing, camping and fishing in the Quetico Park.  When they returned from their trip they excitedly told me about all of the fish they caught, the lures they used and then wanted to tell me something really amazing. 

     As an outfitter I have heard millions of fish stories and was prepared for a run of the mill tale.  It started out like one too, but I have to admit, I’ve never heard anything quite like it. 

     Jim started out by saying,  "There we were with a big smallmouth bass on the line, about 4 pounds or more."  At this point I was thinking they were going to say a big lunker followed it up to the canoe and chomped it, but Jim contininued on.  "I landed the fish and while removing the hook thought I would see what it had been eating."  "I saw a crayfish in the mouth and a big black ball, I had no clue what it was so I carefully removed it." 

     Jean was listening to the story unfold as Jim unfolded a bat covered with digestive slime.  Yes, a bat.  There’s a first time for everything with a picture to prove it.  Thanks for sharing your tale and sending the photo Jim and Jean!

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