Ooooh that Smell



   Walking along the road these days you can’t help but smell the beautiful flowers.  The wild roses are blooming everywhere you look and their scent is heavy in the air.  The buttercups are abundant as well as yarrow and the lupines that line the ditches.  I spotted my first blue flag iris yesterday along with plentiful wild columbine and lots of my favorite corydalis.  There are so many different plants and flowers to see and smell on the Gunflint Trail. 


   It won’t be long before we’ll be able to taste them as well.  The strawberries should be appearing soon as well as the June berries.  Thimbleberries and blueberries won’t be too far behind and then after that we’ll have raspberries.  The warm sunny day we had yesterday and the predicted warmth and sunshine for the rest of the week will keep the colors and scents coming.