Oh the Places We Will Go

And the things we will do. Sunday we left Grand Marais at 5:00am so we could get Abby to Duluth by 7:30am for her volleyball tournament.  We didn’t end up leaving the school until almost 7:00pm!

It’s amazing the things we will do for our kids. Or the places we will go for them. But soon they will be grown up and out of the house and then oh, the places we will go.

The things we will do. Like using an outhouse for the first 5 years of owning Voyageur Canoe Outfitters.

Oh the Places we will go. Like 10 sport and travel shows in the Midwest in one winter to market Voyageur.

Or the things we will do, like start a Half-Marathon on the Gunflint Trail.

Chapters of the book of our lives, being created at a break-neck pace only pausing long enough to replace the ink cartridge or add more paper to the printer.

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