Oh Deer!

     The number of deer on the Gunflint Trail has exploded since we first moved here in 1993.  Back then it would be surprising to see a deer anywhere but at the beginning of the Gunflint Trail or around Gunflint Lake in the winter.  Now you see deer along the entire 56 mile drive from town to the end of the Trail and even in our yard.

<%image(20070502-joshantlersm.jpg|150|225|Deer on the Gunflint Trail)%>

     On a recent drive home from town I decided to count the number of deer out of curiosity.  I counted 28 deer that I could see in plain sight and I know in the ditches just out of my view there were probably many more waiting to dart out in front of my car.  I also saw three moose and a fox.

     The other day Josh found a treasure while out on a walk.  A full deer skull with an 8 point rack and he is quite proud of his first 8 pointer.   

     The deer are plentiful on the Gunflint Trail so be sure to drive with care.