Oh Dear Again

     Not the animal deer this time either, it’s "Oh Dear, I haven’t done my blog yet!"  Sometimes I get so busy doing other things I forget that I haven’t done my blog.  Sorry loyal readers.

     I was busy this morning updating other items.  I added some I-68 information to our website for those of you who are as confused as I am about them.  I also finished and sent out the latest e-newsletter from Voyageur Canoe Outfitters.  If you haven’t found yours in your inbox yet then that probably means you aren’t signed up to receive it.  No worries.  You can go to our website and see it posted there. As long as you are there then please take the time to sign up for the e-mail newsletter.  You can find the form on the left hand side of the page.  That way you won’t miss getting the next e-mail newsletter delivered to your inbox.

     OK, still lots to do today so I better get going.  It’s off to town to pick up the kids, get Abby to Girl Scouts, then Josh and Abby to Hockey, then Mike and myself to First Responder Refresher Class.