October’s Harvest Moon

        The Harvest Moon usually occurs in September, but this year it is in October, tonight to be precise.  The Harvest Moon occurs closest to the Autumnal Equinox and behaves in a unique way.  Throughout the year the Moon rises, on average, about 50 minutes later each day but close to the Equinox there is only a difference of about 30 minutes.  The moon will rise around sunset this evening.  According to this website about the  Harvest Moon , "The Harvest Moon always hangs low in the sky. It seems to be larger and more beautiful than other full moons and often has an orange or pink cast. The reason for this is African dust storms and North American wildfires, which have filled the atmosphere with aerosols."

     There are other names for the month of October such as Falling Leaves, Blood and Beaver but the Harvest Moon has special meaning.  It not only allowed people to work into the night harvesting their crops but it was also said that game animals such as deer that were hunted and harvested before the full moon would have a strong game taste.  Hunters were to wait until after the full moon when the animals were out of rut and ready to be hunted. 

     Last night I was able to watch the full moon rise over Lake Superior.  There aren’t too many sights in the world more beautiful than watching the big ball of orange rise and cast a yellow moonbeam onto the sparkling waters of the big lake.  Be sure to get outside the next couple of nights and enjoy this wonderful event.