Now that’s a Fish!

        Adam and Billi were part of the Voyageur Crew this fall and we were very lucky to find such awesome people.  They did an outstanding job for us and will make opening up next summer a breeze.  All of the outfitting equipment is clean and repaired and I don’t think the building has ever looked so organized.  The kitchen has been deep cleaned from the new-looking grout to the fluorescent light covers; I think they’ve added about 20 watts of brightness to the room.  There’s not a cobweb to be found in the store, the back room is cleaned out and the lodge is sparkling.  Now if we can keep it this way through the winter, that will be the challenge.


     Adam and Billi weren’t just terrific because of all of the cook kits they scrubbed or garbage cans they cleaned but also because of who they are.  Guests and neighbors couldn’t help but love them and we’ve already heard from a number of people who have said, "Where did you find such great kids?"  They are grateful, conscientious, easy going people and we were blessed to have them as part of the Crew.  I believe in the variations of sayings like "good deeds don’t go unnoticed" or "what comes around goes around" and I think the Fish Gods took notice of Billi and Adam’s good nature.

     Billi and Adam loved living at the end of the Gunflint Trail.  I’ve never seen people so enthused to be in the outdoors.  They paddled, camped, hiked and fished every opportunity they had, even if it was after a 10 hour day of work!  Adam especially enjoyed fishing on the back lake by canoe but did venture out onto Sag late this fall.  

  He was rewarded for all of the time he spent fishing this year with a trophy Northern Pike.  Unfortunately Billi decided to stay home that day; who could blame her with snow flurries and freezing temperatures?  This dedicated angler was able to land a 49 inch fat Northern Pike.  This fish had a belly that would make Santa Claus jealous.  After snapping a couple of pictures he released this lunker back into the depths of Sag just so I can have the chance at finding it some day.    


  Can you imagine a 49" fish?  That’s bigger than almost all of the kids in Josh’s First Grade.  Fish charts say that length of fish would weigh around 34 pounds but my guess is it was pushing 40 easily.  What a great experience Billi and Adam had and what an opportunity we were given to have such wonderful people in our lives.