Not Happy

     OK.  So sometimes I act like a major granola chomping tree hugger, I admit it.  But I’m just a bit concerned with the work being done to clear dead trees at the end of the Gunflint Trail.  Who is supervising the work the crew is doing and how well will they be expected to clean up after themselves?

     I might be a bit of a neat nick and rake gravel to make it look like a just vaccuumed carpet so all of the fibers are going the same way.  I might even like to have every little stick and leaf raked up after brushing out an area but I can be a bit flexible. 

     When I drove the Gunflint Trail yesterday I just wasn’t happy to see how much debris has been left along the roadway.  It looks like crap on top of what was pretty white snow.  Not to mention the fact it’s like kindling and will make my spring litter clean up almost impossible.  I’m sure I’m overreacting and the plan really includes someone coming back with a rake but I would prefer the clean up be finished as they finish each section.  Otherwise it just isn’t acceptable to me.  Would it be to you or am I just being a spaz?