Noisy Morning at Voyageur

     This time of the year on the Gunflint Trail is normally very quiet.  There’s one exception to this rule and that’s when the ice on the river moans and groans as it freezes.  Every once in a while there will be a big crack or boom from the river and that is what I’ve been hearing this morning.  

     The temperature is dipping and that’s why the river is so noisy today.  When I took the kids out to the bus stop it was 13 degrees but now just after 8am it’s down to 2 degrees.  It’s usually coldest just before sunrise and I guess the sun is rising later and later. 

     The days are getting shorter and colder and before long the big lakes on the Gunflint Trail will become solid.  The forecast calls for some cold nights with daytime temperatures rising to the high 20’s and possible snow flurries. 

      Yep, winter is here and the noisy river is just another sign that it’s here to stay.