Nice Fish!

     I’d like to catch a fish like that.  Kind of like winning the lottery without ever buying a ticket, I need to go fishing first.  Why not come fishing this weekend?  We have openings and we’d love to have you as a guest of Voyageur! 

Louis Tilton of Shorewood caught this 33-inch walleye — his first ever — on Saganaga Lake off the Gunflint Trail.

Last update: June 9, 2010 – 7:21 AM

"I’ve been going to Lake Saganaga for four years, and never caught a walleye," said Louis Tilton of


"This was my first one, ever.

"We’d been fishing all day, and the day before, too. It was almost dark when this one hit.

"It felt heavy, and every time I brought it close to the boat it would pull away.

"Eventually we got it to the boat.

"The fish was a little big for the net, but we managed to get it in.

"It was a thrill.

"We measured it at 33 inches, took photos and released it.

"I didn’t realize the significance of the size — I was just looking for something to put in the pan.

"The next day I caught a 251/2 -incher, and my friends joked that it’s the smallest walleye I’ve ever caught.”