New Northwoods Toys

     Yesterday the kids and I had to go over to Camp Birchwood for Boys to try out their new log for log rolling.  We also purchased a log so we could practice log rolling at Voyageur but our log doesn’t look anything like theirs.  How could two logs look so differently?

     Our log is one made from a tree while theirs is not.  It doesn’t look intimidating as it floats in the water but like a mechanical bull it throws you off in a hurry.  World Champion Log Roller Jenny Atkinson even had to give it a try when she was up for a visit the other day. While the synthetic log doesn’t roll exactly like a real log it will give the campers at Birchwood a good idea at just how challenging log rolling can be.

     I’m hoping that by having our own log at Voyageur I’ll be able to last on the log for 8 seconds by the end of the summer.  I figure if that’s a number they use as a goal for staying on a bull then it should work as a goal for me.  Wish me luck.