My Mind’s a Blank

     I haven’t spent too much time thinking about the saying, "My mind’s a blank.  I have noticed as I get busier and farther away from my own birth(older) my mind is a blank more often.  I don’t have the time or energy to look up where that saying came from or what it originally meant so today I will be content with saying it means even though my brain is filled with information right at this moment in time I can’t come up with what I’m trying to. 

     I think my brain needs to go through some sort of clean up like what I attempted to do to my laptop last week.  Clean up the desktop, delete some old programs, get rid of a toolbar or two, get rid of the junk for good and then maybe my brain would operate better.  Or, maybe I would lose something really important like when I accidentally deleted my Email program.  I thought restore your computer to a specified date in time meant it would even restore deleted programs, but guess what? I thought wrong.  

     So today the weather outside is nice again but my brain is shrouded in fog.  I think I need to spend more time in the wilderness giving my mind a break so it can function when needed.  I think I need a Boundary Waters trip, how about you?