My Brain is Mush

     It’s that time of the year when my brain turns to Mush for a Cure. I see pink when I close my eyes at night and I count sled dogs as I try to fall asleep with a fully active brain. My brain is not only on Mush for a Cure but I think it has turned to mush.

     Have you ever been eating a sandwich you made and found it a little more chewy than it should be?  Your brain thinks, "Oh, it could be the provolone cheese, maybe it was a little hard around the edges."  Then you think, "Maybe it’s the turkey I used?" Then it hits you when you’re about half-way through your sandwich, you’re eating the paper that was separating the two pieces of cheese in the package. Yep, that was me.

     There’s always alot to think of when preparing for the Mush for a Cure FUNdraiser.  There’s Friday night’s spaghetti dinner, live auction, music and head shaving.  Then there’s Saturday’s short-course race on Gunflint Lake and the big sourdough start. After the dogs are off of the lake then it’s time to head to Trail Center where the finishers end up. There’s grilled food to eat, music to play, retail items for sale and of course the excitement of all of the teams coming in.

     With each aspect of the event there are things to be hauled and remembered.  Who has the blanks for the shot gun start? Where’s that Square gadget to process credit cards with? Who has the Queen’s crown for the best dressed at Friday night’s event?  Where is the Dork Award? By the way, if you know the answer to any of the questions then please let me know.

     It’s no wonder my brain has turned to mush. Or is it mashed as in potatos? A friend of Abby’s recently said, "I wear my helmet when skiing because I don’t want to end up a potato." His mom gave him a quizzical look before replying, "You mean a vegetable?"  "Yep, a potato is a vegetable, that’s what I mean."  Here’s hoping I find all I need and keep my brain on Mush and prevent it from staying mush. I wonder if a helmet would help me?

Mush for a Cure

Thanks for the photo Chad!