More Saganaga Stories

I posted a story about Dickie Powell the other day on my blog and on Facebook and everyone loved reading it.  Dickie is a resident on the Canadian side of Saganaga Lake and has tons of stories to tell as does anyone who has spent their life in a remote wilderness.  John Bouchard has a number of stories to tell about Saganaga Lake as well and thankfully he has put them in a book called, “Life on the Invisible Line.”  He was a Canadian Game Warden and spent eighteen years on Saganaga Lake. I first heard of John while dining at a cabin on the Canadian side of Sag.  There was a poem called Saganaga with neat drawings around it and John’s name was on it.  It always intrigued me and now I have even more stories of his to be intrigued by. If you’re interested in purchasing a copy then send me an email and I’ll let you know the cost.

John Bouchard on Saganaga Lake
John Bouchard Life on the Invisible Line


Islands of pine mirror reflections hard to define

    evening roselight changing scenes

Portages of yesterday stir memories forgotten echoing dreams

Like a gull soars to gather or a feather of float   

              roots cling to rock a rabbit hides from a hawk….


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