More Good News for the Cavity Lake Fire

     Some of the best news we have heard about the Cavity Lake Fire came today.  Thanks to the long, slow, rain that fell throughout yesterday the fire received anywhere from a half of an inch to an inch of rain.  This allowed the Fire Management Team to re-open some of the previously closed routes in the Boundary Waters. 


All of Saganaga Lake is open once again including Red Rock Bay, Devils Walk Bay and the border route to Knife Lake.  The portion of Seagull Lake that is to the East of the J.A.P. portage(out of the burn area) is open for overnight use and the entire lake is open to day use.  The Cross Bay entry point is open once again as well as Missing Link, but the portage from Tuscarora to Owl and the area beyond remains closed.  With the help of overhead teams, favorable weather, and 420 personnel on the fire it shouldn’t be too long before the Cavity Lake Fire is contained.

<%image(20060724-planelandsma.jpg|300|200|plane landing)%>

  Thanks to past Voyageur employee Sarah Kaiser-Schatzlein for the great photos!