More Expensive But Still Worth It

     There are talks of increasing the fees for the Boundary Waters Canoe Area next summer.  The Superior National Forest hasn’t increased the user fees in the BWCA for 10 years so the USFS feels the increase is necessary. Necessary or not I will pay whatever increases they decide to throw our way as long as it is benefiting this great canoe country.

    The Boundary Waters is a pristine wilderness that provides a one-of-a-kind experience for visitors to the area.  The reservation fee goes directly to the company who processes the permits and the user fees are supposed to go to the Superior National Forest.  If the money will be spent on educating users, keeping campsites and portages in shape, and preserving the area then I’m all for it. 

     If the Eastern Region Recreation Resource Advisory Committee approves the fee increase then user fees will increase from $10.00/adult/trip to $16.00/adult/trip.  This is quite the bargain when compared with the Quetico Provincial Park of Canada who charges $20.00/person/night to camp in the Quetico.  The cost for youth to camp in the BWCA is $5.00 currently and that would be increased to $8.00. 

     A visit to the Boundary Waters is well worth the minimal fees charged by the USFS.  You can’t attach a price tag to the benefits received from taking a canoe trip.  If the price increase scares you then by all means, please come and visit us this year, we’d love to see you at Voyageur.