Moose Stuck in a Swimming Pool

     Lucky for us we don’t have a swimming pool because I can only imagine what all would get stuck in it.  This gentleman in New Hampshire wasn’t so lucky when a moose wandered into his backyard and into his swimming pool.  Stubborn as a bull moose in a swimming pool is my new saying.


A moose stuck in a swimming pool needed no less than nine people to wrangle it out of the water Friday night.


Police, firefighters, and fish and game officials were called to a home on Lindstrom Court in Manchester just after 10 p.m. When they arrived, they found the moose stuck swimming around in the water, unable to get out of the pool.


Images: 9 Men Rescue Moose From Pool
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The visit came as a shock to the pool’s owner, George Trapotsis, who said he hasn’t seen a moose in his backyard in 35 years of living there.


“This train-like noise came through the fence and dove right into the pool,” said Trapotsis.


The moose fell right through the pool cover, according to Trapotsis. "He tore the cover, got entangled and just couldn’t move," Trapotsis said. Trapotsis said his first concern was keeping the animal alive and freeing it from the cover.


At about midnight the rescue of the moose was underway. With a rope attached to the moose, nine men pulled the animal out of the water.


“I didn’t get trained on how to do this, that’s for sure,” said Jack Pushee of New Hampshire Fish and Game. “There’s a first for everything.”


Rescuers said although the moose was agitated and stressed during the rescue, it appeared to be in good health when it walked off into the woods.


Trapotsis said the moose caused extensive damage to his property.


"Between the cover, the liner, the steps, the fence–now the reality sets in," Trapotsis said.


But the family won’t soon forget their moose tale.


"It had to happen so people could see something amazing, something extraordinary, something that will never happen again in a century," Trapotsis added.


Officials said this is rutting season, so it’s common to see moose wander into unfamiliar places.


The breeding season or rut goes from mid-September through mid-October, according to New Hampshire Fish and Game.

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