Moose Run

This morning I went on a run with my dog Rugby after I dropped Abby off at the bus stop.  The bus pulled away and then stopped just a few yards later, then the driver yelled, "There’s a moose in the swamp."  I said, "Ok, thanks." and went to the other side of the road for a look.  It wasn’t Blondie and he wasn’t real close so I didn’t spend too much time looking before I went on my way.  I continued on my run and noticed some wet spots on the pavement.  I let my eyes follow the trail and lo and behold, there was another moose.  He looked at me like he was afraid and about to run for the woods until I said, "It’s ok, you can stay and eat."  I just kept jogging on the road until I heard a clippety-clop noise from somewhere behind me.  I turned around just in time to see this moose jogging along with me before he abruptly stopped.  I then started jogging again and amazingly so did he.  This time when I wanted to see him I just turned my head a little and caught him in the act of running with me.  Rugby, the oblivious puppy, didn’t even realize we had a thousand pound moose running with us.  He followed us for about a quarter of a mile at about a five moose length distance away before stopping.  I’ve been on alot of runs and now I can say I have been on a run with a moose.