Minnesota Cold Activities

It seems people experiencing the “Polar Vortex” are coming up with some fun activities to experience what “Minnesota Cold” is all about.  News reporters are freezing t-shirts, frozen bubbles are dotting decks and many people are throwing hot water into the air.  In some of these places the temperatures aren’t even that cold but it’s very cold for them and they are having a good time with it.

School was cancelled across the state on Monday but today the Governor is letting school districts decide for themselves. Our temperatures aren’t that extreme for what we are used to.  On the Gunflint Trail this morning it’s 20 degrees warmer than it was one morning last week. It’s still -20 degrees and there is a windchill factor of – something or other but we don’t pay that close of attention.  School is 2 hours delayed. As I said before, if we cancelled school every time it was cold out we’d be home schooling our kids in the winter.

Looking for some fun Minnesota Cold experiment to try?  How about one of these...


Minnesota Cold Fun
Minnesota Cold Experience
Frozen T-shirt Minnesota Style
Minnesota Cold Frozen Experiments

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