Man Missing in Quetico Park

     Is no news good news? I’ll keep my fingers crossed.  This report is so vague it’s difficult to understand what exactly happened.  It is unclear whether the individual was alone or if someone witnessed him falling out of the canoe.  It doesn’t explain how the GPS beacon was turned on either.  Hopefully more details will follow.

Rainy River OPP searching for missing boater


Police are searching for a boater who went missing while travelling through Quetico Provincial Park Thursday.

Officials with the Rainy River District Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police say officers are investigating after they received reports that a man fell out of a canoe while travelling through the park.

OPP officers received information on Thursday afternoon that an emergency GPS locator beacon was deployed in the provincial park.

OPP officers responded to the area of McAree Lake and have been conducting marine patrols with assistance from the Ministry of National Resources to search of the missing boater.

OPP underwater search and recovery is en route to that area and is expected to arrive sometime Friday afternoon.