Lutsen Mountain Skiing

Yesterday was not only Abby’s first official snow day, but also Josh’s first time downhill skiing.  We took advantage of the day off and drove down the Trail to Grand Marais and then another 20 minutes to Lutsen Mountain on the shore of Lake Superior.  We were very excited to see all of the new snow and happily surprised that the roads were in terrific shape, not even one car in the ditch!  We rented ski equipment for both of the kids and headed to the bunny hill.  Abby is 6 and Josh is 4 and they both did awesome.  Abby had been on skis one other time, two years ago, so it was like starting over.  Mike showed great patience in teaching them the basics of skiing; make a slice of pizza with your skis if you want to slow down, and two french fries side by side if you want to go fast.  After initial trouble on the tow rope and a few complaints about having to roll onto one’s belly to get up, Mike excused me from the lesson!  The kids had a great time and weren’t ready to quit, even though Mike was exhausted from the hours of helping the kids up the tow rope.  They are both ready to go again and Lutsen is the perfect place for skiing.  If you have never been there then I highly recommend it.  It is surrounded by pine trees and most runs have a great view of Lake Superior.  You can even ride a gondola that passes over rivers on it’s way to the top of the mountain.  So, the next time you think about downhill skiing, consider Lutsen, french fries, and pizza!