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The Banadad Ski Trail is an awesome trail accessed from the Gunflint Trail that winds its way through the BWCA wilderness. This last summer trees were blown down onto the trail within the wilderness area where chainsaws are not allowed to be used.  The Banadad Trail Association isn’t asking for your help in doing the actual trail clearing, they just need your money to pay for the expense. If you love the Banadad then consider donating.
Give Mn-Give to the max day -November 13

Imagine going out for a lovely ski on the Banadad Ski Trail and coming across a very large clump of downed birches, balsams and a twenty-inch aspen flanked by two other large aspen blocking the trail. And by the way you are in the BWCA. To remove these trees it took six people using hand saws and sweat labor over five hours.

Andy Jenks, Banadad Trail Association President, reported: “We cleared this clump of downed trees but there still is much more to do. A storm went through over six remote interior miles of the Banadad Trail’s eastern section this past summer, leaving hundreds of trees down and blocking the trail. This portion of the Trail–because of the distance–cannot easily be reached by our volunteers, so we are working with a paid contractor to do the clearing. Thus far the cost to clear two and one half miles of this remote area has been over $2100 and we still have many miles to go.”

While the Banadad Trail Association recently received a $5,000 grant from the US Forest Service to help pay for this work, we have to match those funds with 35% of that amount in order to access the funds. The Banadad Trail Association needs your help so we can clear the remaining down trees blocking, at least,  three and half  miles of Trail and get the Banadad open for skiing this winter.

We are turning to outdoor enthusiasts, skiers, and other who love the Banadad Trail and asking if you can help support this work with a donation. If you are able, please donate to the Banadad’s trail through our BTA link at GiveMN.   Thank you!!  Your donation will help us finish clearing the Banadad Trail for a great season of skiing!

Help clear the Banadad- please GiveMn-Give to the max day- November 13

Banadad Ski Trail in the Boundary Waters
Trees on the Banadad Ski Trail

tree clump sm

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