Live Like a Kid

     I love to spend time with my kids.  It’s so interesting to see life from their point of view.  They know how to have fun and they are so carefree.

     The other day when we were walking home from the bus stop Abby asked if she could take off her shoes.  There was still snow and ice in the ditch but I told her to go ahead.  Once barefoot she walked into the cold, wet mud letting it squish between her toes.  "Mom, this feels so cool, have you ever done this?"  I chuckled and said, "Yep, but it’s been awhile."

     When Josh saw his sister was barefoot he had to join her.  Into the puddles he went as they talked about how cool it was to see the water running down the hill like a miniature river.  I remember thinking the same thing as I walked around in my neighborhood as a child pretending to be in the woods.  Abby was telling Josh to jump on a big chunk of ice to see if he could get it to break, he weighs all of fifty pounds so nothing happened.  I decided to give it a try and sure enough, "CRUNCH" the ice caved in on top of the little river.  "Cool." The kids said in unison.

     Then we saw tons of water gushing out of a mainly frozen culvert.  I dared them to come and see who could hold their hand in the flow of water the longest.  We all knelt down and prepared ourselves, "Ready, Set, Go!"  Cold doesn’t describe how the water felt, it was unbearable.  Josh and I pulled our hands out about 5 seconds after we put them in and Abby waited about a second longer.  We screamed in pain and jumped around the road trying to warm up our hands.

     The sun was hot on my face so I decided to splash some of the frigid water onto my face.  It felt great but Abby thought the water looked dirty and was skeptical.  Not for long, soon Abby was drinking out of the puddle.  "I love the smell of Spring." she said.  Josh chimed in, "I love the sound of Spring." 

     Ahhh, to live like a kid, what a glorious thing, just like Spring.