Liquid on the Seagull River

It’s so refreshing to see open water in front of Voyageur once again. It’s a special time of the year when grouse drum in the woods, moose lick residual salt off of the roads and ducks drop in for a visit on their way north.

Speaking of open water, I found an article about Minnesota lake names that are difficult to pronounce.  I wasn’t surprised to see Gabimichigami and Kekekabic Lakes in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness but I was surprised to see Little Saganaga and not Saganaga or Ogishkemuncie. I had to chuckle at the comment in the description about no boat ramp into Gabimichigami! I also thought it would have been better to provide the nicknames of these lakes instead of the phonetical way to pronounce them. We rarely say the entire lake name because they are difficult to say, so next time you want to talk to us about these lakes feel free to say, Sag, Gabi, Ogish and Kek, we’ll know what you mean.

From the article…

Gabimichigami – Gab-ah-mitch-ee-gah-mee Gabimichigami is located in Cook County, Minnesota. This lake is 1,186 acres and gets up to 209 feet deep. There is no boat ramp, but if you find a way to fish there you can find Lake Trout, Northern Pike, and Yellow Perch.
Kekekabic – Key-key-kah-bick Kekekabic is part of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, and gets up to 195 feet deep.

Little Saganaga – Sahg-an-ah-gah Little Saganaga is located in Cook County and is about 1,627 acres in size. It connects to Saganaga lake that is 18,767 acres. Different size, same pronunciation.


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