Lions and Tigers and Bears oh My

     My daughter has seen alot of wildlife lately and not just at the Minnesota Zoo.  Abby and I were driving home from Grand Marais last week when we saw an animal sauntering into the ditch. My mind first said, "Deer" because of the color, then "Wolf" because of the size and finally, "Mountain Lion" because Abby was yelling it.

     Sure enough a Mountain Lion was non-chalantly walking into the ditch. The color of a deer, the size of a very large wolf and the tail and ears of a very big cat. What a magnificent creature it was. There’s a first time for everything and that was the first time I’ve seen a Mountain Lion on the Gunflint Trail.

     Other people have been lucky enough to spot Mountain Lions in the past up here. Experts say they wander in from the Black Hills and we don’t have any reproducing in our neck of the woods. I say we’re so lucky to live in a place with such diverse wildlife.