Lima Mountain Hiking Trail

     Yesterday’s cooler temperatures and crazy winds kept me from heading out onto any body of water.  Since it felt like fall I decided I should partake in one of my favorite fall activities and go on a hike. I hadn’t been on the Lima Mountain Hiking Trail for years.  I thought I remembered not being able to find the trail the last time I wanted to hike there and I’m not sure how long ago that was.  It wasn’t difficult to find yesterday and the trail was in surprisingly good shape.

Lima Mountain Hiking Trail on the Gunflint Trail

     The Lima Mountain Trail is located off of the Gunflint Trail near mid-trail.  You can either turn onto Forest Road 152 or wait until Forest Road 315; the trailhead is located near where these two roads converge.  There’s a small grassy area right off of 152 where you can pull over to park and then turn right and walk to the trailhead. 

     The trail winds its way up to the top of the mountain where a fire tower once stood.  It’s an ascent of about 300 vertical feet over about 1.5 miles that brings you up to over 2300 feet. There is no longer a fire tower there and trees have grown up in the area obstructing much of the view.  You can still get a pretty good view and you can see Eagle Mountain, the summit of Northern Light Lake Trail and the rest of the Misquah Hills. 

     The Lima Mountain Trail is as nice as I remembered it.  Now that I’ve found it again I’m sure I’ll be hiking it much more frequently as it’s always nice to get out and stretch the legs on a cool, breezy day.   

Gunflint Trail Hiking