Light Reading

     If you’re a regular reader of my blog then you probably know I don’t keep up on the news. We don’t have satellite television or good bandwidth for watching news on the computer plus most of the news is so disturbing I just avoid it all together.  I do however have a couple of newsy things I like to read.

     One thing I always get a laugh out of is in the Cook County News Herald.  There’s a section that lists law enforcement calls and there’s some really good stuff in there.  Here’s a couple from an edition in early March.

Grand Marais: Caller said her neighbor has been harassing her about where her dog poops, does she walk it, etc.

Tofte: A squirrel fried and burned out a transformer.

     The other thing I like to read are the DNR reports. They are usually in the paper but also online.  Here’s the latest weekly report from the DNR in Minnesota. What I found most interesting about it was the fact Conservation Officers are still patrolling on snowmobiles and checking ice-fishermen.  That normally doesn’t happen in April especially in other parts of the state.

     If you’re looking for some light reading then check out the News Herald.